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Stay - Dan Byrd

Artist : Ed Valenzuela's Nostalgic Music Rediscovered
Title : Stay - Dan Byrd
Date : 31 July 2010
Duration : 04:21 Min
Size : 3.98MB
Audio Summary : MP3, 320 kHz

Stay - Dan Byrd Lyrics

[Meridian Dan: Verse 1]
Someone said I'm posh for a cockney
Cause I eat food like gnocchi
There was a hole in grime
I said "drop me out", so they dropped me
You can't sleep on grime you manna got dropsy
They said I went down a commercial road
They saw me spray bars at the Troxy
My man couldn't keep the cat in a bag
Feds wanna try put man on tag
Didn't find food but they fucked with the programme
Took two watches and cashed on my tags
Man move sideways sometimes
I'm a cancer, don't move like a crab
Best be an ad lib when you say stab
I'll burst mans head on the concrete slab

[President T: Verse 2]
Take off me, nah, must be a dream
Give cats the food, must be a fiend
I said, there’s not an MC that could get to my level of stripes
I was like, “I’m off the level of snipes!”
BM, Mercedes, yeah I’ve got types
I’ve got an African friend who said, “Yeah, I’ve got swipes”
What’s he gonna get? Pair of Nikes
I don’t wanna send for the strally
That I bought off a pair of dykes
When trouble ignites
I know man that are scared of heights
That’ll skip to the side and lock off your lights
Kill off killy! Stranger returns
President T excites

[Bossman Birdie: Verse 3]
I don't deal herb
I direct the shots like Spielberg
My grubb moves they got still work
And thats why they still work
I always got the metal on me
You might think my profession is steel work
I got sick bars, I spray ill verse after ill verse
They call me Bossman
I don't do laundry, but I wash grands
Told them violate the set, I smoke teams like Rothmans
Cause I was a lost child, until I read books on Rothschild
I can't wait until the the papers cray
They don't want to see me go buckwild

[Meridian Shay: Verse 4]
Kick to the fans, no Cantona
Swag's all red call me Santa
Ciroc and Fanta
Go and get the girls was the banter
You know big Shay I'm a Zampa
Talk to Frank no Lampard
Catch me on the wrong day, bad luck
Cause I be killing this niggas, cancer
Mans hitting all these niggas cause mans right
Roley on my wrist for the right time
Shining like a star, no limelight
Put your hands in the air like a high-five
I'm a bad boy, fuck being Mr. Nice Guy
Shit could get tense, keep your eyes wide
From my Beez on the Trap like Nicky Minaj
[?] around my neck like a [?]

[Jme:Verse 5]
What? Fam that's poor
Bringing them bars to a lyrical war
Your ego won't fit through the door, but your whole vocabulary will fit in one tweet
With no TMI
Air, #NoBMI
You can ask Chip I'm Fire Alie
Now I'm gonna reach for the sky
I don't do how they didn't wanna do it, I do it how they used to do it but now they can't do it anymore
Now they see me doing it and they wanna do it, but you can see obviously I'm doing it raw
Why you stuttering for?
The mics in your hand yeah, but you're not sure
Jme will mash up a grime rave, dubstep, house rave or 4/4

[Flirta D:Verse 6]
Yeah, Foolishly
Got your girl acting foolishly
Dancing on her bed all foolishly
Dancing in the mirror foolishly
Foolishly, foolishly
Got your girl acting foolishly
Dancing on her bed all foolishly
Dancing with her friends all foolishly
F-O double O BS-er
I never ever ever talk BS(er)
I'm heavy on the S E
Get ready
Tell your [?] to get ready
Tell your madre to get ready
For the next battle
F-L-I-R with the T
Been doing this since an early teen
First video with Jme
First video with Crazy T
"Come again?"
Had to say it, free Crazy T
And I'm on a fucking crazy T
With JME and Skeps, MC

[Skepta:Verse 7]
One sheet of the Rizla is all I need
Break off a little chip of cigarette and mix it all up with the weed
Now I can't remember what we're smoking, is it the OG Kush or the cheese?
All I know is it feels like the room's spinning round at phenomenal speed
When we talk pussies don't answer back cause we're some rhetorical Gs
I've got niggas on standby waiting to make somebody bleed
Man try take me for a lemon, Imma tell them "I dare you to squeeze"
Next time you see me and my gang, man won't be wearing Boy Better Know tees

[Big H: Verse 8]
Open your eyes
Swear I don't know none of them guys
Two different people, separate lives
AK rifle, someone dies
Tell 'em don't speak like that
Cah them man don't Roll Deep like that
Knife and fork I eat like that
Don't sit in my seat like that
Trust, I never lie
You lied, idiot, buried him alive
Street crime UK, H inside
Cool, cool dude, yeah gimme five
Trust, looks like their in hurry
Laughing, nah nah nah, not funny
You turn, spin back round for my money
Old school Meridian, H is gully

[Jammer:Verse 9]
All the work I put in, done all the work that them man couldn't
Late nights in the studio putting in mad work, work that them man couldn't
I told them, "The proof's in the pudding"
Now I'm in bed with three different women
I told them don't sleep on me
Now they wanna trick or treat on me
Roll up, pull out the heat on me
But Boy Better Know us man are OGs
We make paper, grands!
Supporters, big up the fans
The only ting them man are clapping is hands
Us man are major, got big plans
Us man roll with 25 gyal, dem man roll with 25
I knew it would happen, the truth is coming
Now it's all my music they're plugging
I push grime hard, I go in
Some man say it's a psycho ting
But them man are fake on a lypo ting
Us man are big dargs, them a micro ting
Roll by on a cycle ting
Man better take cover when I go in

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